Bedtime story helper

Are you busy working all day long, often unable to accompany your baby?Are your children crying to hear stories that are already told about a dozen times? SoundU may help to solve this trouble.

Good companion when commuting

Do you think listen to the radio is a waste of time during commuting?Do you really want to know current events, but you can`t always staring at the screen? Let SoundU be your radio station, and play all kinds of voices for you.

No channel to show your expertise?

If you are a cram school teacher, and tired of repeating lectures,or you are particularly interested in antiques or paintings,or, you have nowhere to complain government policies,you are welcome to SoundU to share your ideas with everyone.

Click “LIKE” to support your favorite voice

Click “Like” or “Dislike” to show your preference and comment. If you get enough “Like,” you will be rewarded with coins.

Publish paid work to earn extra income

By using your free time, you can create your own voice work to gain extra pocket money without going outdoors.

Solving tasks to earn coin

Our system is going to regularly releasing tasks. Users can gain coins by solving these tasks.

Publishing voice work to be the Internet anchor

Just record your voice by mobile phone and show it to SoundU, and becoming an anchor is no longer a dream!

Your work can contribute to social welfare and charity

If you decide the price of your work and choose it as for public welfare, we will donate the profit to public interest groups in Taiwan.

Following your favorite user to get the latest news

Just click “follow” to track your favorite user, and you will not miss any news, and, to be the Diehard fan!

Q1. Is this APP for free?

For the free version, you can listen 100 free voices and upload 10 voices each day.If you want to listen or upload more, you need to upgrade to a professional version.The price of Professional version is USD $5.99 .

Q2. Is registration needed ?

Free version does not need to register or fill in any information.Professional version requires you to fill in relevant information, so that we ensure your rights and interests of this APP.

Q3. Why is my phone crashing when using the APP?

The APP is designed on the basis of Android 4.0 and later versions. You are welcome to inform us any problems by sending an email to [email protected]

Q4. How to use this app to make money?

(A) Downloading audio files will be charged in professional version. So more people download your audio files, you earn more corresponding benefits.

(B) If you reach a certain level, you can get gold revenue in our system.(..More)

Q5. Is IOS version available now?

IOS version is under development and testing, and we expect to launch it in May. 2016.

Q6. What is the difference between Free version and Professional version?

(A) the number of daily voices
Free: 100 works (including replay) / Professional: unlimited

(B) Voice Upload
Free: 10 works (daily) / Professional: record and Upload your sound

(C) Playlist
Free: You can add one list / Professional: unlimited

Q7. Can I publish my work?

No matter who you are, once you successfully become our member,you can upload your work and publish it.

Q8. How to convert income into cash?

When gold revenue accumulates to 100,000 (G), you can contact customer service personnel (Online exchange has not opened yet), and provide your personal information for identity check. After the completion of the relevant procedures, cash will be transferred to your account.(..More)

Q9. How to make my work to relate to public welfare?

If you decide the price of your work and choose it as for public welfare, after the deduction of system management expenses (about 15%), we will donate the rest of the profit to public interest groups in Taiwan. We will display the donation credential on our website.(beneficiary)

IOS version

Latest Version: 1.025

Updated: 2015/11/24

Android version

Latest Version: 2.2.0

Updated: 2015/11/16

Free Edition

USD $0

  • 100 voices daily
  • Collection of works, member tracking
  • Click the Like /dislike button, post comments
  • Build one playlist
  • Obtaining income
  • gold exchanged for cash.

Professional Edition

USD $5.99

  • Unlimited voices
  • Collection of works, member tracking
  • Click the Like /dislike button, post comments
  • Build unlimited playlists
  • Obtaining income
  • Gold exchanged for cash